Lyric Videos

Lost Voice – The Requisite

Lyric video for Seattle rock band, The Requisite.

Adobe AE + Trapcode

The Winds At Bay - Numbers

Lyric video with original illustrations for my own band, Numbers.

Adobe AE / Pr + Trapcode

Nom De Plume – Into The Flood

Lyric video for Seattle Christian Metal band, Into The Flood.

Adobe Ai / AE / Pr + Trapcode + Video CoPilot

Restart Again – SkullClub

Lyric video for Australian EDM group, Skullclub.

Adobe AE + Trapcode + Element 3D

The Hurricane - Beaumont Adams

Lyric video for Olympia band: Beaumont Adams.

Adobe Ai / AE + SketchClub 

Empty Eyes - Numbers

Lyric video for my own band: Numbers.

Adobe Ai / AE

Into Bloom – WRVTH

Lyric video for Northern California band, WRVTH.

Adobe Ai / AE / Pr

Fallacies - Sisyphean Conscience

Lyric video for Portland band: Sisyphean Conscience.

Adobe Ai / AE + Trapcode

Somebody Poisoned The Wishing Well - The Home Team

Lyric video for Seattle band: The Home Team.

Adobe Ai / AE / Pr + Video CoPilot