Original Composition

Detora RPG (Mobile game)

Detora RPG is my first video game that I had the pleasure of composing and producing an original soundtrack for. There were more levels being developed that were going to include additional tracks until final completion, but it seems the developer stopped for the time being. The game was released in Australia for iOS. I'm hoping to add many games to my composition portfolio. If you are a developer in need of original music for your video game(s), please feel free to contact me so we can discuss.

"What we have here is the case in point: a band that is so in touch with their core sound that it allows them to test and break their boundaries constantly."


-Eden Kupermintz | heavyblogisheavy


"Numbers, to me, are unequivocal proof that metalcore bands can insert electronic influences into their music and not suck. In fact, Numbers are quite good at what they do, taking a slight progressive stance with influences from the likes of Protest the Hero and Periphery, while throwing in the odd jazz fusion section."

Jimmy Rowwe - Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Three // $10

Three // $10

Numbers // $4

Numbers // $4

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Halo 4 - "Awakening" Remix